Dietmar Latuske (of Latuske's)

The Dude of Food

Kuckin can help provide you with tasty and healthy meals when you want a break from the hassle of feeding yourself or your family.

We cook the food  so all you have to do is reheat it. No shopping, no prep and NO WASHING UP!

How it works - Ordering and delivery

1. Place your order online or by phone and leave us your mobile or contact number.

2. We get your order ready and let you know by text when it's ready to pick up. Order before 4pm for same day delivery/ pickup.

3. Reheat in the oven, on the stove or in the microwave.

If you've any questions you can use the messenger button in the bottom righthand corner. Or if that's not your thing just call and speak to me! 

'After having twins, I stopped cooking for myself altogether, or found myself reaching for the frozen pizzas. With Kuckin I finally feel like I'm eating healthily again! 10/10 would recommend to all my busy friends or those who want a takeout you can feel good about.'

Castlecroft, Wolverhampton

'Another fabulous meal from Kuckin. perfect for when you don't want to cook after a busy day. fresh, tasty, and healthy. would definitely recommend!'

bradmore, Wolverhampton

'Ordered lasagne . Well what can I say generous portions absolutely delicious. Good customer service even though it was mother's day . Would definitely recommend'

Merryhill, Wolverhampton

'We were celebrating a lockdown 21st for my son. He really wanted tapas and Dietmar from Kuckin came up with a fantastic menu of various delicious tapas all delivered to our door. A really good range of tapas including, squid, chicken, lamb, chorizo and peppers and more. Would highly recommend!!! Made my sons birthday special after all our other plans had had to be cancelled, thank you!!!'

London, UK



22 Finchfield Rd. West, Wolverhampton,

Opening Times

Wed- Fri

12 - 6





So what is Kuckin?

Kuckin is the easy, affordable way to feed you and your family with fantastic tasting, nutritious and wholesome food when you can’t.

Whether it's a couple of grazing pots to keep in the fridge or a 3 course dinner party, we can help.

Simply reheat at home in the oven or the microwave.

All our meals are cooked in small batches, from scratch, with quality ingredients by someone who knows what they are doing.

If you need food for any occasion, get Kuckin!

1. Place order online at or phone 01902 238800.

2. We prepare your food and text you when it's ready to pick up OR we can deliver between 5 - 6pm.

3. Reheat at home.

Orders after 4pm will be processed the NEXT day of opening. i.e. If you order at 4pm then you won't get your food that night. However! my motto is ‘If I can I will!’ so it’s always worth asking if you do miss the deadline!


Can I just pop in and pick something up? most of the time, yes! We are working round the clock on our NEW MENU, including ready-to-eat items will soon be available as well as the normal selection of food.

Do you do events? Of course! we now offer private dinner party packages and can drop off meals for the family (covid law compliant)

Is they're any further work involved when I get home? NO! All you have to do is re-heat at home. We provide any garnishes such as fresh herbs so there's no extra shopping you have to do.

Do you do meal prep? Yes! All of our meals are cooked in house and therefore are healthy and 'clean'. We want you to STICK to a healthy diet, not yo-yo, so we make sure your food tastes great. As a result, we don't cater for fad diets that exclude vast swathes of food groups due to pseudo-science.

How about recycling and why don't you use compostables? We use either aluminium containers or clear polypropylene that WILL be recycled as there's money to be made in recycling them. Wherever we can, we use the smallest number of containers. Compostables are great IF they are recylced in an industrial composter which hardly any councils use any more as it costs too much. Therefore they are either burnt or go to landfill where they get so compacted that there's no oxygen for them to compost so in practical terms they make very little difference. The best option is to reuse them if you can.